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WriterDuet is backed by Techstars, cash-flow positive, and building products for creative writing and creativity in general. Now let's talk about you.

Customer Support

At WriterDuet, every decision is made based on customer feedback. We are looking for a passionate communicator to take the lead in this ongoing conversation.

The ideal candidate has experience in increasing customer/client loyalty even when faced with complicated problems and stressed out users. We’ll be very excited about anybody with a passion for creativity, creative writing, and technology.
If you like learning a ton, prefer being challenged constantly, and enjoy petting dogs and eating free lunches*, then this is the job for you.
Send your resume to and include a link to something you've created, plus tell us why you'd be a great fit!

*We have other perks, like competitive salaries, health insurance, and flexible hours, but we've found that dog-petting and lunch-eating resonate strongly with most of our recruits!

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