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This Privacy Policy explains how SCREENPLAYPEN LLC collects and uses the personal information that you provide to us when you visit our Web site or use any of our products or services (collectively, our "Service"). It applies to both registered users and unregistered visitors to our site.

This Privacy Policy is incorporated by reference into THE SCREENPLAYPEN LLC Terms of Service Agreement located at Use of our Web site or Service is subject to your compliance with this Policy and the remainder of the Terms of Service Agreement, which constitute a legal contract between you and SCREENPLAYPEN LLC even if you are not a registered user. Each time you use our Web site or Service, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, agree with, and consent to be bound by our latest Terms of Service Agreement, this Privacy Policy, and the SCREENPLAYPEN LLC Community Guidelines found at

We may alter the terms of this Privacy Policy at any time by posting changes on this Web page. Although we may try to notify you when we alter terms, you should periodically review the most up-to-date version of this page. Your use of our Service or Web site after we post any changes signifies your acceptance of all revisions to date, regardless of whether you receive actual notice of those changes.

If you do not agree to comply with these rules, policies, and guidelines, you should not give us access to your personal information or copyrighted content and should not use our Service or visit our Web site.


When you visit the SCREENPLAYPEN LLC Web sites, you may provide us with two types of information: personally identifying information that you knowingly choose to disclose; and site-usage data automatically collected by us as you browse. All users who register with SCREENPLAYPEN LLC provide us with personally identifying information that may include your name, email or physical address, and screen credits.

Like most commercial Web sites, we identify and save the Web browser type and IP address of every computer that accesses SCREENPLAYPEN LLC. This data is used anonymously in aggregate for administrative and maintenance purposes that may include traffic analysis and hardware diagnostics.

We may create small files called session cookies that we store on your hard drive. These files track your movements, selections, and clicks while on SCREENPLAYPEN LLC and provide temporary storage for the data necessary for you to navigate our site. Our session cookies are used to make the SCREENPLAYPEN LLC Web sites work more smoothly and contain no personally identifying information, such as your name or email address. SCREENPLAYPEN LLC never connects personally identifying information stored on our secure servers with the usage and behavior records saved in our session cookies.

Your browser may allow Web sites to create "persistent cookies" that are not automatically erased when you leave the site that created them. If we use persistent cookies to store personally identifying information, we always encode them so that no unauthorized party can read your personal data directly. If you don't want to allow persistent cookies on your computer, all modern Web browsers let you easily disable this feature.


When we collect personally identifying information from you, we may share it with other parties, such as our service providers, sponsors, and affiliates (collectively, our “Partners”), only when necessary to complete transactions or provide services that you authorize. We might, for example, forward your credit card number to a financial institution in order to process a payment you send to us. But we would not give your name and email address to a third-party marketing firm that would use them to send you spam or phishing exploits.

These protections do not apply to personally identifying information that you voluntarily post on our, or on any other, Web site, including in your public profile or in forum messages. If you display personal data on publicly accessible SCREENPLAYPEN LLC web pages or forums, it can be read, collected, and manipulated by other users or used for improper purposes, such as sending you unsolicited messages, adware, or malware. Any time that you display such information to the public at large, you waive the right to claim a reasonable expectation of privacy and lose the right to confidentiality in that particular information. We are thus not responsible for others’ misuse of such publicly published data and are not obligated to keep it secret.

We may at any time, and at our sole discretion, remove from our Web site your submitted scripts, forum postings, Readthrough Recordings, and any other information you provide to us. But we may not be able to remove all traces of such data and content if it has been copied or transmitted to other Web sites or has been cached by search engines or other Internet service providers.

SCREENPLAYPEN LLC may archive data, including personally identifying information, that you provide while using our Service or Web site. We store that information on servers that are controlled and accessed solely by SCREENPLAYPEN LLC, our users, and Partners with whom we have a contractual relationship. Archived information will not ordinarily be erased until you terminate your SCREENPLAYPEN LLC account and, even then, we may retain some or all of your data in back-up files. We assume no obligation to archive any specific piece of data and do not guarantee that any archived information will later be made available to you.

We use session cookies to make our Web site work more smoothly. They enable our Service to remember your online selections and preferences and contain no personally identifying information, such as your name or email address. SCREENPLAYPEN LLC never connects personally identifying information stored on our secure servers with the usage and behavior data tracked by our session cookies.

SCREENPLAYPEN LLC may use your personally identifying information in aggregate to help us better manage our Web site and improve the services we offer. Such uses may include statistical analyses, auditing and research functions, and marketing and performance reports. These applications will not allow other parties to connect you to any personal information you have given us. If, for example, we use your physical address to help us tabulate the number of users we have in each state, we would not publish that data in a format that would allow third parties to identify your state of residence.

When we receive reports of abuse of our Service or experience technical system problems, we reserve the right to connect your IP address to other personally identifying information. We do this solely to enforce the rules of our Terms of Service Agreement, Privacy Policy, or Community Guidelines; troubleshoot our Web site; or otherwise protect our users and any other parties that might be affected.


SCREENPLAYPEN LLC takes appropriate precautions to protect our users’ personally identifying information. Your account data and screenplay submissions are stored on a secure server behind a firewall and any data that we store in cookies (as described in Section 3 above) is always encrypted. But because all security measures are subject to circumvention, we cannot unequivocally guarantee the effectiveness of our security measures or our ability to prevent unauthorized third parties from unlawfully obtaining information that you provide to us. In particular, because email is an inherently insecure medium, you shouldn't send private communications or sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, to us by email. If you have more detailed questions about the security of the SCREENPLAYPEN LLC Web sites, please contact us at


We may share demographic data with third parties, including Partner companies with which we have a business relationship. We may, for example, provide information that is directly related to the business activities of service providers that help us run our Web site more efficiently or improve the accuracy of our screenplay-analysis features. We may also share uploaded scripts with text-to-voice service-provider Partners in order to create Readthrough Recordings, as described in our Terms of Service Agreement at

You may also use our Service or Web site to directly submit personal information to a third party. Before doing so, you will generally be told who is gathering the data and whose privacy policy governs its collection, storage, and retention.

We may be compelled to disclose personally identifying information by a lawful demand, such as a subpoena or court order, and we may decide to share account records and other information that we believe is necessary to comply with any other law or government regulation, or to protect our interests or property. This could include sharing information with other companies, lawyers, agents, or government agencies. Unless legally barred from doing so, we will notify you whenever your personal information is disclosed in this way.

If the ownership of all or substantially all of SCREENPLAYPEN LLC's business or assets were to change, your user information would likely be transferred to the new owners and you will be notified of the exchange.

From time to time, we or one of our Partners may sponsor a promotion or contest on our Web site. Participating users may be asked to answer personal questions or to provide personally identifying information, such as name, email address, or home address. We will reveal these submissions to others only with your consent or when doing so is necessary for you to obtain services or other benefits that you have specifically requested from them.

SCREENPLAYPEN LLC reserves the right to send you communications about our Service, such as feature announcements, change-of-terms notices, and administrative messages, without offering you the opportunity to opt out of receiving them.


This Privacy Policy applies solely to SCREENPLAYPEN LLC, our Web sites, and our Service and other products. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of Web sites that you may access by clicking a link on our site.


We may share, disclose, or sell aggregated user information to third parties without your knowledge. This aggregated data cannot be used to personally identify you as an individual.

Advertisements that appear on the SCREENPLAYPEN LLC Web sites are delivered to users by our affiliated sponsors. These companies may download their own cookies to your computer in order to identify your system the next time they send you an ad. This mechanism lets sponsors keep track of your online activities so that they can tell where and when you see their ads and how often you click on them. Such data-tracking allows advertising networks to deliver targeted ads that they believe will be of interest to you. SCREENPLAYPEN LLC does not have access to or control the cookies that third-party advertisers store on your system . Our Privacy Policy and accompanying Terms of Service Agreement (at and Community Guidelines (at describe only SCREENPLAYPEN LLC's use of cookies, not that of any of our advertisers.

If you do not want to receive promotional email from our Partners or sponsors, you will may to remove yourself from our promotional mailing list by using the “unsubscribe” feature included with each promotional email.


Registered SCREENPLAYPEN LLC users may modify or remove the personally identifying information stored in their user profile at any time by logging into their account. For technical reasons, any deletions or modifications to account records may require a brief period of time to take effect.

If you change or delete your personal information, SCREENPLAYPEN LLC will remove the old or deleted information from public view on our Web sites. We may, however, archive that data indefinitely.