Tagging & Filtering

Go to Tools > Tagging & Filtering to open up our Tagger, which can be used to:

  1. Filter down to just the lines that contain the tagged words.
  2. Tag and export scripts for import into production scheduling software.

Once the Tagger is open, Cast Members will already exist as a tag. This tag is applied implicitly to all unique Character lines. To filter to just these lines, click the checkbox to the left of the tag. Click it again to remove the filter.

To create a new tag: Highlight the word, line or section of the script that you want to tag. Next to the ‘Add’ button, type in the name of the tag. Click Add or hit Enter.

To export a tagged script for import into scheduling software, simply go to File > Export > Final Draft.

Edit colors and names, turn off coloring, or delete tags using the settings wheel next to each tag.

How should I use the tagger?

Like many of our tools, the Tagger is built to be flexible so that it can suit many workflows. You could use it to filter between A, B, and C plots in order to focus on each at a time, despite them being temporally intertwined in the script.  Jokes that need work could have a filter so that they can be quickly viewed and edited by a funny friend. Scenes could even be tagged and filtered based on the day that they will be rehearsed or shot.

If you use the Tagger in an interesting and useful way, let us know at dennis@writerduet.com.