Drafts & Branches

To save a Draft of your script, hit Save or Command/Control-S. There will be a banner that says ‘Draft saved. Name this draft?’. Naming it will do two things:

  1. Automatically create a Revision Draft to track further changes. View this under Revisions > View & Track.
  2. Name the Draft so that it is easy to identify in the Branch Manager.

Go to History > Drafts & Branches to open the Branch Manager.

The Branch Manager will initially consist of a single column (aka: branch). The top of this column is the most recent Draft (instance of you hitting Save), while the bottom of the column is the oldest Draft. Click on any of them to view the Draft in the window to the right.

To return to an older draft and start writing in a new direction, click on the ellipsis on any draft and select ‘New Branch’ from the menu. This will create a new column, parallel to the current timeline, starting from the draft that you selected. If you choose to make the branch active with the ‘Set As Active?’ checkbox, your main script will automatically switch to this new draft of this new branch. This will be the working draft of the script henceforth when it is opened from the portfolio or navigated to in any way. To return to the previous working draft, simply make the initial, leftmost column (the initial branch) active again by clicking the star on the branch header.