Why I created WriterDuet

Once upon a time, there was no good way to collaborate with your screenwriting partners. Several screenwriting programs advertised collaboration, but they were extremely limited. I wanted something that let any number of people seamlessly write at any time, instantly seeing each other’s changes.

It took me a few months to build a simple beta, and that’s when I realized there was a bigger opportunity. Plenty of things had annoyed me about existing screenwriting software, and I set out to do things right. I wanted to create the best screenwriting program ever.

I designed WriterDuet to be intuitive and powerful, so it would be loved by professionals and first-timers alike. I made sure it could do almost everything (important) that the main competitor did, including matching their default line lengths and page breaking, and I added dozens of features that they don’t do. These features range from ground-breaking (real-time collaboration) to time-saving (automatic infinite revision tracking) to super-convenient (importing/exporting Final Draft, Celtx, Fountain, and PDF files). All fit in with the overarching mission of WriterDuet: to make the process of screenwriting simpler and more enjoyable.

And to give credit where credit’s due, what’s made this possible is the immense amount of feedback I’ve received from writers, for which I am extremely grateful. WriterDuet is developed by a writer, for writers, with input from writers.

I think you’ll love WriterDuet, and please e-mail me (guy@writerduet.com) if you have questions or suggestions!

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