Text vs Zoom in View menu

The ‘Text’ and ‘Zoom’ features change the appearance of a script for the user. If either of these options is changed from ‘100%’, the view will change, however the actual format of the script will not be altered.

Text – flow of text will appear larger or smaller for viewing purposes only (especially helpful if being viewed on a phone or small screen). The number of lines, pagination, and format will not appear to be changed if exported to a PDF or printed.

  • Hover over View > Text, and a side menu will appear with sizing options.
  • Note: If Text is set to anything other than 100%, any statistics or reports will reflect the actual content rather than the Text-altered appearance seen by the user on screen.

Zoom – will zoom in or out on the overall view of the site (rather than just the text), much like the zoom feature in the browser menu.

  • Hover over View > Zoom, and a side menu will appear with sizing options.
  • Zoom resizing affects the entire program rather than just the text in the script.