Shorten Script Length

Making a script appear shorter is a time-consuming and often frustrating task. This feature allows a user to automatically find extra spaces in the script to make the overall length of the script shorter.

Default settings: 




  • Move margins up to (1) space – looks for opportunities where moving the margin out 1 space will shorten the overall length of the script. The number can be increased, however this will affect the overall appearance of the script and may affect required margin specifications for certain formats, especially in Dialogue lines. ShortenScriptMargins
  • Try to shorten up to (3) spaces – looks for opportunities within lines where removing a space or spaces would create fewer lines in total. The example below shows that removing 1 space from the 1st line will shorten this block of dialogue.ShortenScriptMargins
  • Orphan words up to (5) spaces – detects words that are alone on a line that have wrapped from the previous line and contain up to the specified amount of spaces. In the example below, ‘do.’ is on its own line. The program will included all spaces, including the period, so this example has found 3 spaces, which is less than or equal to the specified 5 spaces. Removing 2 spaces from the 6th line here will shift ‘do.’ up one line.


To run Shorten Script feature:

  1. Tools > Shorten Script
  2. Change settings to desired lengths.
  3. Click ‘Find Opportunities’
  4. Opportunities will be highlighted with a description of how many spaces can be reduced.
  5. Make desired changes by either typing the change or clicking on the underlined description to change automatically.
  6. Click ‘Find Opportunities’ or scroll down to next highlighted line.
  7. Continue until all opportunities have been viewed and changed.
  8. Click ‘x’ to close feature

Note: if View > Text or View > Zoom are not set at 100%, what is seen on the screen and what is detected by this feature may not be the same. Text and Zoom will change what appears on a user’s screen, but will not change how the script appears in a PDF.