Scene Cards

Scene cards appear to the left of the script and correspond to each ‘Scene’ line within the script. Clicking on a Scene Card will jump to that scene’s location in the script.

Scene Card Content:

  1. View > Scene Cards
  2. Choose either Script Content or Outline
    • Script Content – shows actual lines from the script on cards. You can specify how many lines to show on each card.
    • Outline – shows notes from Outliner & Scratchpad on cards.

Scene Card Format:

  1. View > Scene Cards
  2. Select Outline Color for card to reflect the colors of cards in the Outliner & Scratchpad.
  3. Select Number of Lines desired to appear on all Scene Cards.

View script content corresponding to specific Scene Card: 

This is useful when a user wants to view and edit one (or more) specific scene(s) without the other scenes being visible.

  • To view only one scene in the script, check the box in the card of the desired scene. SceneCards
  • More than one scene can be checked at a time, making the way you visualize your script incredibly customizable.

Reorganizing scenes – entire scenes can be moved to different locations in the script by clicking Scene Cards and dragging them up and down.