Using Present Progressive Feature

The present progressive tense of a verb indicates a continuing action.

  • Tom is sitting.

In screenwriting, when describing the actions of a character in an Action line, proper formatting requires short, concise grammar using the third person singular present tense of verbs.

  • Tom sits.

The Present Progressive feature is designed to help screenwriters find these verbs in Action lines and replace them with the correct tense automatically.

To activate feature:

  1. Tools > Present Progressive
  2. Select ‘Find Next’
  3. Number of occurrences will appear in red text in window heading.
  4. Click ‘Replace & Find’ to replace current occurrence and find the next.
  5. Repeat step 4 until all occurrences have been viewed.
  6. Click ‘x’ to exit feature

Note: only detects present progressives in Action lines. There is no complete list of potential present progressives. This feature may not catch with 100% accuracy and does not substitute actual proofreading for these errors.