Types of Notes

There are a variety of ways notes can be entered in WriterDuet. Notes can be tailored to fit the needs of any writer.

Types of notes:

  • Embedded notes – these notes are attached to the left of lines in the margin. They can be seen by all collaborators, attached to a PDF version, and opened or closed to be visible at all times.
  • Inline notes – these notes will appear as grey text in the body of the script. They are seen by all collaborators and can be hidden using Reports.
  • Personal notes – these notes are entered to the right of the script below live chat and are not visible to collaborators.
  • Notes in Outliner and Scratchpad – these notes will not be seen in the script unless specified in the Outliner.NoteTypes

Insert and view embedded notes: visible to all collaborators

  1. Click anywhere within desired line.
  2. Go to Tools > Notes > Add (keyboard shortcut: Cmd/Ctrl+.) or click  InlineNoteIcon  to the left of the line.
  3. Type note
  4. Hit ‘Enter’ to save note. (Note icon will change to black outline when a note is attached to the line NoteIcon2)
  5. View notes by clicking on NoteIcon2 icon to the left of the line, or by going to Tools>Notes>Open All (keyboard shortcut: Cmd/Ctrl+Option+.) Specific notes can also be selected from the list in this menu.

Note: Pro subscription allows users to print a PDF with notes in the script. See ‘PDF w/ notes’ article for more information and options.

Insert and view Inline notes in script: visible to all collaborators

  1. On a new line, change line type to Note with any of the following options.
    • Format > Type > Note
    • Keyboard shortcut – Cmd/Ctrl+9
    • Click on NotesIcon icon in the Toolbar.
  2. Type note as desired. (text will appear grey to designate ‘Note’ status)
  3. ‘Enter’ to next line to continue with script.

Note: Pro subscription allows users to print a PDF with notes in the script and Hide or Show these notes at any time. See ‘PDF w/ notes’ and ‘Hide Inline Notes’ articles for more information and options.

Personal Notes: not visible to collaborators

  1. Click inside ‘Personal Notes’ section to the right of the script beneath live chat.
  2. Type text as desired.
  3. Personal Notes can be hidden from view under View > Display > Notes.

Notes from Outliner & Scratchpad:

  1. Go to Document > Outliner & Scratchpad.
  2. Enter notes on desired scene cards.
  3. Select the ‘notes in script’ checkbox to view these notes as inline notes under the scene’s slugline in the script. To view notes from the Outliner on the Scene Cards to the left of your script in script view, leave the Outliner & Scratchpad and go to View > Scene Cards > Outline.                   OutlinerNotes