Manage Menubar and Toolbar

Both the Menubar and Toolbar can be hidden or locked into place if desired. In the image below, the red box contains the Menubar, and the blue box contains the Toolbar.


Toolbar – contains tools and options specific to the screenwriting process. Items found in the toolbar can be customized under Customize > Display.

  • Options under View > Top Toolbar:
    • Auto – toolbar will disappear until mouse is placed on red asterisk at top right corner of script. Toolbar
    • Lock – toolbar will be locked in place and always visible.
    • Hide – toolbar will no longer be visible .

Menubar – contains options relevant to the overall interface of the program. Menubar cannot be disabled, but can be hidden using options under View.

  • Options under View > Top Menubar:
    • Auto – menubar will disappear when toolbar settings are either ‘Auto’ or ‘Hide’. Will reappear when mouse is moved to top of screen.
    • Lock – menubar will be locked in place and always visible.