Lock Pages- Pro Feature

Locking pages allows the writer to solidify the page numbers so that any changes made to the script after locking will not alter the flow of pages and what each page contains.

For example: during production, dialogue needs to be changed on page 2. If the pages are not locked, then all the page numbers after page 2 will change (shifted down) so that the entire script has to be reprinted. However, if pages are locked, the changes will only affect page 2. If the text is longer than what was originally there, the text that overflows to the following page will be on a newly created page 2A. Now, only page 2 and 2A will need to be printed, rather than the entire script.

To lock pages:

  1. Revisions > Lock Pages
  2. Select ‘Lock Pages’
  3. Pages will be locked.
  4. To lock even newer additions into place, click ‘Lock pages’ again so that numbering will change to 1AA, 2AA, etc. for any new additions after that point. You can repeatedly lock pages as new modifications are made to the script.

To unlock pages:

  1. Revisions > Lock Pages
  2. Select ‘Unlock pages’
  3. All numbering will revert to regular sequential order and all additions will adjust so the text flow of the script is normal.