Introducing smart paste

The amazing David Wain shot a feature request to me on Twitter the other day – he wanted to paste Fountain text into WriterDuet and have it preserve formatting.

This is clearly a good idea, and I’ve long wanted to improve the brain-dead formatting in WriterDuet when you paste from another program (copying and pasting within WriterDuet worked properly, but not from Final Draft to WriterDuet, for example). So I took up the challenge and opportunity to perhaps become David Wain’s best friend, and put together something I think you will love:

Seamless copy-and-paste from Fountain or most other screenwriting program, preserving formatting perfectly in most cases.

That’s a pretty huge feature, and I don’t think any other screenwriting program offers it. I’ve tested pasting from Fountain text, Final Draft, Celtx, and a few others. It works extremely well in the Chrome and Safari browsers (not Firefox, because it loses the line spacing when pasting into that browser), and I’m excited.

This requires a very heuristic-based approach, since WriterDuet doesn’t know if you’re intending to paste in Fountain text. For non-Fountain it’s even harder, especially since different screenwriting programs send text differently on the clipboard (and they don’t include formatting). So please give it a try, and let me know if any text doesn’t paste in properly!

And by the way, this is part of the free version of WriterDuet, but you can thank me by purchasing WriterDuet Pro today. It’s extremely awesome! :-)