Export Old Version- Pro Feature

Pro users can always recover a copy of their script from any point in time, unless the script has been deleted or they are no longer included as a collaborator of the script.

This feature is especially useful if a writer has accidentally deleted or altered the text and it cannot be recovered with the ‘undo’ button.

To Export Old Version: the desired script must be opened


  1. Revisions > Export Old Version
  2. Select the desired date on the calendar or type it into the box.
  3. Select the desired time with arrow keys or by clicking and dragging.
  4. Select ‘Export’
  5. A copy of the script from that point in time will automatically open.
  6. It is recommended to rename it to something that is easily distinguished from the original script.
  7. Script can be exported to any format as desired.

Note: the user who exported the old version becomes the owner of the exported script. No other collaborators will be able to see this version of the script unless freshly added as a collaborator.