E-mail a copy of a script- Pro Feature

This Pro feature allows a user to send a copy of the current script via email directly from the application.

  1. Collaborate > Email Script
  2. Create New List
  3. Enter List name (for example: Friends, Other Writers, Production, or any other group you might want to send copies of your script to!)
  4. If the recipients will have collaborator access, check ‘Make collaborators’ box.
  5. Check which format(s) you want the script to be attached to the email as.
  6. Enter email addresses of recipients; if more than one, separate by comma (additional addresses can be added to the list at any time).
  7. Enter the name of each recipient in same order as email addresses; if more than one, separate by comma (this is the name that will appear in the salutation of their message).
  8. Click ‘Add to List’
  9. Review Subject Line and change if desired.
  10. Use the default salutation, or uncheck the box to type a new salutation in the message box.
  11. Enter personalized message in the message box (this message will be sent to all members of selected Lists).
  12. Select the e-mail address you’d like the e-mail to be sent from. Regardless of which you choose, all replies to the e-mail will go to you:
    • A custom writermail.com is recommended (e.g. Your.Name@writermail.com) so we can send the e-mail on your behalf without the likelihood of it being caught in spam
    • General writerduet.com e-mail can be used if you want the message to be sent by a masked e-mail address, so your e-mail is not exposed
    • Your real e-mail address can be used as well, but since our servers will be sending the message on your behalf, it’s possible a recipient may think it’s spam
  13. Click ‘Send To Selected List(s)’ button to send emails.