Date & Writers

Date & Writers allows a user to pull the changes made by any collaborator during a specified range of time, even if Revision Tracking was not turned on. This is a great way to retroactively view and track revisions.


To View a Revision with Date & Writer:

  1. Revisions > Date & Writers
  2. Select Date/Time range.
  3. If there are multiple writers, select which writer’s changes will be viewed.
  4. ‘Live updates (no deleted text)’ – selecting this will show any changes currently being made as long as it qualifies within the specified timeline. For example, if the time range includes all of today, any changes being made currently will be shown. However, if the time is set for yesterday, text added today will not be included. (Note: Pro-only feature)
  5. Select View
  6. Pro users will have the option to view the changes in a time lapse by clicking on the provided options in the red ribbon that appears at the top of the script.

To Create a Revision from Date & Writer:

  1. Follow directions above to run data.
  2. Click the ‘+’ button to the right of the revision name to create a new revision or add to an existing revision. DateandWriters2
  3. Choose which revision to add to, or start a new one.
  4. The revision name will automatically include names of writers selected at the beginning of Date & Writers.
  5. Revisions > View and Track
  6. Click on the new revision name.
  7. Edit name as desired.
  8. Text color will automatically be red, so change to desired color.
  9. Change any other settings as desired.
  10. Click ‘Done’.

Example of when this is useful: changes are being tracked daily to show progress to producers, other writers, directors, etc. However, tracking wasn’t turned on for a given day in the past. Pulling changes from that day and creating a new Revision is the way to access this data.