Customize Editing Options

WriterDuet is designed to format your script automatically, however these intuitive settings can be changed and customized as desired.

Found under Customize>Editing. Below are the default settings.


  • Automatically change line type based on content – When each of these options is enabled, the script will change a line to a certain type based on the content of that line. For example, if you type only a character’s name, the line will automatically become a “Character” type of line.
  • Auto-capitalization – When enabled, beginnings of lines will automatically be capitalized.
  • Display suggestions – When enabled, the program will recognize what word you may be typing and offer suggestions to autofill with, such as character names already found in the script. This makes writing more efficient and less redundant.
  • Show colors – When enabled, color changes applied to the script are visible.
  • Ctrl/Alt shortcuts – When enabled, keyboard shortcuts for changing line type will appear by pressing Ctrl and/or Alt.
  • Enter and Tab traditional ordering – Changes the order of automatic line types when pressing Tab and Enter to switch between line types.
  • Ctrl + Number traditional order – Changes the order of numbers/letters used with Ctrl pressed for keyboard shortcuts.
  • Enter adds default Character – When enabled, pressing enter adds the default Character to a new line (normally, only pressing spacebar or arrow key does this).
  • Right-click lines to add notes – When enabled, quickly add notes to lines by right-clicking.
  • Move your cursor when other writers continue from end – automatically repositions your cursor when a collaborator begins writing from the exact point where you left off.
  • Typewriter mode – When enabled, this option keeps your cursor in the same spot vertically as you type, shifting the script up and down like a page in a typewriter. This can help reduce eye fatigue while writing.

Note: All options are available in the Free version except Typewriter Mode, which is a Pro feature.