Adding Collaborators

One of the many things that sets WriterDuet apart from other screenwriting software is the ability to collaborate with other writers in real-time. This feature allows users to write simultaneously and merge added text automatically. A collaborator will need to be a WriterDuet user in order to view the script.

Types of permissions:

  • Admin Access- allows collaborator to edit script, view and change the outliner & scratchpad, add other collaborators (everything the creator is capable of accessing)
  • Read-Only Access – allows collaborator to view script only (outliner & scratchpad are not accessible with this access), no changes can be made.
  • If neither of these options are selected, collaborator is able to make changes to the script, outline, and scene cards. Cannot add collaborators or change access for other collaborators.

Inviting a collaborator to your script:

  1. Collaborate > Share
  2. Invite collaborators from your other scripts (WriterDuet helps keep track of whom you’ve worked with previously) or type new email addresses and the names of new collaborators.
  3. Add a personalized message to prospective collaborators.
  4. Check boxes to give collaborator Admin Access or Read-only Access (default gives collaborator ability to edit script, but no ability to add or edit collaborators).
  5. Click to Add Collaborator!

Note: Collaborator will receive an email with a link to the script.collaborate

Generating a link:

This option is especially useful when adding collaborators outside of email (through social media, blog posts, etc.)

  1. Collaborate > Share
  2. Select generating a link at bottom of window as seen below.  collaborate
  3. Select permission level (multi-use will allow the link to be used more than once).generatelink
  4. Copy and paste link.

Note: Collaborator will follow the received link to the script in WriterDuet.