Accepting changes from other Writers

WriterDuet does not currently offer a way to ‘Accept’ changes. However, there is a way to mark and unmark changes in the View and Track feature that can help a writer organize what changes are ‘approve’ or need more work.

  1. Mark ‘View’ in desired Revision.
  2. Revision being viewed will appear to the right of the script under live chat.
  3. Highlight text to be ‘Approved’.
  4. Click the ‘Unmark change button (circle with slash) next to the Revision name. This will change the text color to either black or what was selected by the user for regular text color. From this point forward, the unmarked text will no longer show in a different color when this Revision is viewed. ViewandMarkRevisions
  5. Text can also be marked by selecting desired text and clicking on the ‘mark change’ button (circle with x) next to the Revision Name.

Note: to view revisions that have been ‘unmarked’, use the Date & Writers feature.