Monthly Archives: June 2015

You should upgrade to WriterDuet Pro!

I haven’t done much hard-selling of WriterDuet’s Pro version, but lately I’m realizing it’s in the best interest of free users to encourage them to upgrade. Why? Because purchasing Pro helps them in many ways. Without rattling off dozens of great Pro features, here’s a simple explanation why you should upgrade:

  1. It supports the product. WriterDuet is my full-time job, but it could be so much better if it were several people’s full-time job! If you value WriterDuet, giving us money to expand development benefits you.
  2. You get offline access to WriterDuet. I know you may be ~always online to write, but guess what: servers are terrible beasts and they are not always online. In fact, this post is spurred by some downtime we had today. And while I’m very disappointed by any server issues, if you have offline mode you’ll be largely unaffected (since our real-time data servers continued run fluidly, even collaboration still worked for Pro users).
  3. You get additional backup options. WriterDuet certainly has its own backup solutions, but it is always smart to have personal backups. WriterDuet Pro has options to automatically save to Google Drive, Dropbox, and your hard drive. While WriterDuet’s backups and infinite revision tracking should protect against loss of data… take responsibility for your own scripts, and make sure you are backing them up regularly.

There are tons of other reasons, but I’m highlighting the ones I think are most important to many people: accessibility of your work, reliability of the service, and improvements for the future. I’m very happy to offer a free version of WriterDuet, but if you appreciate what we’re doing over here (offering the best screenwriting software at a reasonable price), please upgrade to WriterDuet Pro today.