Monthly Archives: March 2015

Revision tracking!

WriterDuet has had infinite revision tracking for a while, but there were a few things it was missing. Well, not anymore! It’s the most powerful revision tracking system of any screenwriting software… or possibly any writing software, period. Here’s a quick run-down of its features:

  • Revisions are always tracked without ever enabling change-tracking or saving a backup file. You can always view changes by date/time and writer(s), including text that was deleted (optional). You can even retroactively mark these changes as tracked in a revision.
  • Multiple revisions can be tracked at once, which means (for example) you can track a colored page revision for production while also tracking edits for a collaborator to review.
  • Manual marking/unmarking changes for specific revisions. Thus you can make changes under two revisions and your partner can unmark your changes in one of the revisions as they review them, without unmarking the change in another revision.
  • Either statically viewing all changes in the script (with deleted text), or use live-updating mode to see changes as they happen. Standard *’s go in the right margin.
  • Collaborators can either view/track the same revisions, or different ones. Thus you can be on a production revision (e.g. Blue) but also track your own changes independently.
  • Revisions can be ignored, which makes them essentially inverted – changes under that revision will not be displayed even if they’re part of another revision which is.
  • Arrow keys and shortcuts are available to go up/down the changed lines, without having to scan your script for asterisks.
  • You can even see the entire history of an individual line!

WriterDuet’s revision tracking does everything you need for production rewrites, reviewing collaborators’ work, and keeping a record of your own changes.

In other words, revisions = solved.