Monthly Archives: October 2014

Another big update

WriterDuet keeps getting better, in preparation for the desktop application. I’ve spent a lot of time optimizing performance, and many of the improvements have helped the web app as well. In fact, the web app now loads up to 30% faster (in addition to another ~20% improvement recently), and uses a lot less memory.

Important note: The price of WriterDuet Pro will be increasing to a one-time cost of $69, and that price includes all Pro upgrades (including the upcoming desktop application). Also, a lot of Pro features which have been made available to free users (with explicit notes stating they are Pro-only) will be disabled for non-Pro accounts very soon. To continue using them, I highly recommend you upgrade now for the lower price.

Read more about the desktop app and changes regarding Pro features in free accounts.

Huge new WriterDuet Pro feature

Many people have requested this, and it’s finally ready: WriterDuet will soon be releasing a desktop application!

It will still sync online and work with the web app, but because it’s not confined to a browser the desktop version can directly open & save files on your hard drive, and generate PDFs while offline. There are a few browser-only capabilities (e.g. video chat), but it mostly works like the web app – only better. The desktop version of WriterDuet will run on Mac and Windows computers (Linux and Chromebook users can still work offline with the Pro web app).

Best of all, this is a free update for WriterDuet Pro users, and its future upgrades will be included as well. I highly encourage all non-Pro user to upgrade now because…

The one-time cost of Pro will be $69. That’s less than 1/3 the price of Final Draft, and WriterDuet is a much better product, so I think it’ll still be an excellent value. However, I want to encourage everyone to purchase WriterDuet Pro before then to get the current one-time price of just $44.95.

Important side note: some Pro features have been available to everyone, explicitly marked as Pro-only but still working on free accounts. I wanted give writers a feel for how amazing Pro is, but I’ll be disabling those features on non-Pro accounts. If you love WriterDuet, please support it by purchasing WriterDuet Pro – you (and I) will be very glad you did!

WriterDuet update

There’s been a lot of development the past few weeks in preparation for something big. I’m careful to try to keep everything working right, but be on the lookout for any unusual behavior, and please e-mail me if you see anything wrong. Not that I expect it, but you never know.

This update includes new font options including two new Courier fonts, and several variable width fonts. Variable width is highly non-standard in US screenplays, but is used in other countries, and can be a nice alternative while writing your script if you’re sick of seeing Courier every day. To keep things consistent, at the moment all fonts will result in identical page counts on any device and PDF, but I do not guarantee that will always be the case. I’ll gauge feedback on that first.

There are a lot of subtle changes and minor bug fixes that came up during the big new development. You might not notice much difference in behavior, but scripts now load quite a bit faster, and more improvements to that may be on the way.

Anyway, this is just a heads-up post. Be sure to let me know if you encounter a bug, so I can squash it right away. And enjoy the improvements!