Monthly Archives: September 2014

WriterDuet reports

Unlike other screenwriting programs, WriterDuet Pro’s new report system shows and lets you edit specific parts of a script. For example:

When you’re cleaning up a draft, it’s often important that your characters speak consistently throughout the script. WriterDuet’s dialogue report lets you pick any character(s) to view, edit, and print/PDF just their dialogue. Or if you want to review only the scenes wither certain characters in them, same thing: it’ll show you those scenes and hide everything else. (That’s how you generate actor sides, by the way.)

Another report the other guys seem to be missing is one that prints script notes inline with the rest of your script. Final Draft lets you print just the notes, but without context that seems useless.

Another report WriterDuet offers is the ability to view & edit just the script’s non-dialogue (e.g. Action), plus a Shot list for when you’re writing a production draft. And the most entertaining report of all: WriterDuet’s time lapse feature lets you watch your script get written from start to finish, with custom colors for each writer.

WriterDuet reports are a great way to review and edit portions of your script, as well as sit back and watch the work you’ve done fly by.

Time-lapse video of your writing

Writing is a process. Sometimes a long process. And now you can relive every moment with a customizable time-lapse video of every change you and collaborators made to your script.

Here’s an example script I wrote in a little over an hour (don’t judge!) – to make your own, click the reports (bar graph) icon and click the time lapse link. To record a video, use a screen capturing tool such as QuickTime. And if you want, post the video and send me a link!